Training for Professionals and Workers

"Counsellors seem to be aware of the specific difficuties that exist for this population (trust, guilt, etc) but they admit feeling less than competent in dealing with this issue, in part because of a lack of training, time, resources and sometimes discouragement by administrations" (Janikowski & Glover-Graf, 2003)*

Though the above quote refers to substance misuse counsellors dealing with sexual abuse, it could just as easily be applied to working in any field where sexual abuse may be disclosed. Likewise, the sentiment not only applies to counsellors; keyworkers, social workers, volunteers, nurses and police are all likely to be in a position at some time in their career to be be faced with a disclosure of sexual abuse/assault from a man. Training in male sexual assault issues is rare and Mankind aims to readdress the balance by providing professional training in a variety of different formats to suit most working environments.

Knowledge is competence

A little knowledge can go a long way and the training provided by Mankind ensures that participants leave a training event feeling that they have gained knowledge, skills and most importantly, confidence in their ability to handle a disclosure.

Designed for your needs

At Mankind, each training workshop is designed specifically for your needs. We talk to you to find out your unique working environment and situation. Then we design a tailor made workshop to ensure that your needs are met.

Designed to suit you

Training is offered in the following formats to fit in with your working environment:

One-day Workshop

Allowing a whole day enables a thorough overview and opportunity to explore the issues.

Half-day Seminar

When a whole day is just not practicable a half-day enables a focus on specific issues.

Group Speaker

When the above are not practicable, a question & answer session as part of supervision or a team meeting can be an ideal setting to get your questions answered.


Voluntary Statutory
One-day workshops £350 £550
Half-day seminar £175 £275
Group speaker £50 £75

Workshops consist of a mix of presentation, group work and discussion to explore the themes around men and sexual violence

Sample One-day Workshop

Exploring the Difference

gender & sexual violence

Fiction and Facts

the myths & taboos

Facts and Figures

male sexual assault



how do I tell?

Men and Effects

environment and situation

Disclosure and You

what to do with disclosure

*T.P.Janikowski and N.M.Glover-Graf, 2003. Qualifications, training and perceptions of substance abuser counsellors who work with victims of incest. Addictive Behaviours. Vol. 28 1193-1201