Resource library

Thanks to a grant from the Lloyds TSB Foundation in 2007, Mankind has been able to create a dedicated library on issues relating to the sexual assault of men. As far as we know this is the only library of its type in the UK and comprises books, research papers and audio/visual media.


We have brought together over 100 books relating to issues of sexual violence towards males including:

Autobiographies by authors who share their first-hand experiences of childhood sexual abuse and adult rape/sexual assault.

Research studies by authors such as Kim Etherington and Mic Hunter who present invaluable insight into the plight of male victims of sexual violence.

Counselling guides that offer resources and clinical guidelines addressing the unique needs of men who have experienced sexual violence.

Support guides for partners/families of men who have disclosed that they have been sexually abused.

Gender studies that explore the uniqueness of being male and how traumas such as sexual violence affect masculinity.

Self-Help guides by authors such as Mike Lew and Stephen Grubman Black which offer practical advice and support for recovery from incest and sexual abuse.

Audio/visual media

Though there has been little attention from the media in the area of male sexual violence, we have a small collection of documentaries, dramatisations and films dealing with the issue. These include:


Dispatches - Unknown Crime (1995)
An investigative survey of male rape that banishes some of the myths and deals with the taboos.

Place of safety (1999)
Report on the investigation into chidren's homes across North Wales.


Care (2000)
Drama about abuse in a Welsh children's home written by Kieran Prendiville.

Stuart: A life backwards (2006)
Biography of man who suffered sexual abuse as a child. Based on the book by Alexander Masters.


There are a few mainstream films that have dealt with the issue of male sexual abuse and male rape.

Mysterious Skin (2004)
Mystic River (2003)
My Brother Tom (2001)
Sleepers (1996)
Prince of Tides (1991)


Research is sparse in this area but it does exist. We have collated a number of studies that investigate a variety of different areas, including:

The prevalence and effects of sexual violence towards boys and men.

The effects of gender identity and masculinity on society and male victims of sexual abuse/assault.

Therapeutic perspectives when dealing with male victims of sexual violence.

Professional attitudes towards males that disclose sexual abuse/assault.

Items in our library are available on a visit-only basis. If you wish to view any of the media available, please call us to book a session.