Therapeutic groups

Being part of a group is an opportunity to meet and hear from others who have had a similar experience to your own. Sharing your story and hearing how others have dealt with similar situations can reduce the sense of isolation, help normalise your feelings and ways of coping with what has happened to you. Therapeutic groups are an alternative way to explore the past and understand the present.

Creative therapeutic groups

We also run creative groups which offer an opportunity to explore alternative ways of expressing yourself. Sometimes it is too difficult to express yourself in words or the words just aren't there to communicate what you want to say. Using other mediums such as photography, art, music and writing can convey more than just words alone and help in exploring a new and more satisfying way to express yourself.

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Groups at Mankind are facilitated by two trained counsellors and normally involve a 2-hour session once a week for 12 weeks. Attending a group will involve a fee based on a sliding scale. This will take into account employment status and current financial status to arrange an affordable fee.

How to access therapeutic groups at Mankind

If you are interested in joining a group then all you need to do is click on the link below to our Basic Information form. Complete this form and send to us either by email or post and we shall contact you. If you are unable to complete the form then just call us on the above number and we can fill it in for you over the phone.

More details

Once we have your details, we shall contact you to arrange an initial meeting at our Newhaven office. This will be an opportunity to discuss what you are looking for, find out more about us and decide whether a therapeutic group is the right thing for you at this time.

What you can expect from groups at Mankind

  • a safe space to share your story
  • an opportunity to reduce isolation
  • to hear from others in similar situations
  • a new way to express yourself

If you would like more information about what counselling is, visit NHS Direct

You are not alone

We have compiled the following video clips using the stories of men who have experienced therapeutic groups.