1-1 counselling

Is an opportunity to talk to someone who understands the complexity of issues sexual abuse can create. Telling your story and having someone really listen to you can be enormously helpful. Exploring what has been previously hidden or pushed away can allow the past to be put to rest and enable a new future to emerge.

Therapeutic groups

Being part of a group is an opportunity to meet and hear from others who have had a similar experience to your own. Sharing your story and hearing how others have dealt with similar situations can reduce the sense of isolation, help normalise your feelings and ways of coping with what has happened to you.

Partners, family and friends

Sexual abuse issues can affect partners, family and friends in many ways. Feelings of shame and guilt may make it difficult for a man to disclose to his partner, family and friends about what has happened to him.

Counselling is an opportunity for everyone to talk and listen in a structured setting.